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A sought-after and prominent Thought Leader, Tinuke Fawole engages with thousands of people on her social media platforms and has become an expert in helping people to navigate the challenges of communication and cultural acceptance-speaking frequently in various companies, organizations and conferences. Tinuke Fawole is a Criminal Law and Child Welfare Law Attorney and has been practicing for two decades. She represents and advocates for her clients, giving her a unique perspective on intentional diversity and cultural acceptance and its power to improve corporate culture and increase the bottom line. Tinuke Fawole travels all over the world speaking and giving seminars and workshops on these important topics and the impact of her expertise is measurable. Ms. Fawole is a Relationship Expert, and the author of “Master of My Destiny,” and a contributing author of the books, “Faith Requires Action” and “Iyalode.” Her soon-to-be-released book, “When Cultures Collide -How to Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Immigrant Parents,” will be available on

Ms. Fawole is Available to Speak to Corporate HR, NGOs, Immigration Groups/Organizations, Professional Women Groups, Civic, etc.
Topics for Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops and Lunch & Learns Include:

Increase Productivity and Employee Engagement through Open and Effective Communication and Enhanced Dialogue

Improve Company Culture Through Intentional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- Know Your Employees and How Best to Engage Them

Personal Relationships, The Four Critical Factors; Improved Communication, Financial Stability, Intimacy and Conflict Resolution

Women in Business – Self-Care Transformations that Produce Extraordinary Outcomes Personally and Professionally

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