Our New Book

The Immigration Gap by Tinuke Fawole

Bridging the Divide Between Immigrant Parents and Their Children

The Immigration Gap is the essential and much needed manual to bridge the cultural gap between children and their immigrant parents so they can have positive relationships now and into the future.

PARENTS will learn:

  • How to connect emotionally with your children so you become their trusted confidant

  • What to say to your teenager so he or / she can confidently say NO to sex and drugs

  • How NOT to raise an entitled child and what to do if you already have one

  • How to communicate effectively with your children and enjoy positive relationships with them through adulthood


  • How to own and speak your truth, pursue the career of your dreams and passion and have your parents’ support and blessing

  • How to show up in your full identity and experience transformation your professional life and relationships

  • How to free yourself of your parents’ control over life without feeling guilty

  • How to love, accept and validate yourself even when your life is not perfect

The Immigration Gap will show parents and children how to understand and empathize with each other’s struggles and equip themselves with tools for healing and restoration in themselves and in their relationships with others.

For more inquiries or to book Tinuke to speak at your event, please email her at tinuke@optimumfamilies.net

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