“Through wisdom is a house built: and by understanding it is established.”

Proverbs 24:3



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Welcome to OPTIMUM FAMILIES where we assist families enjoy healthy, happy and thriving relationships.

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The Immigration Gap
Bridging the Divide Between Immigrant Parents and Their Children by Tinuke Fawole, JD, MS, RN
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Do you long for a spark and excitement in your marriage?
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How do I balance my marriage and parenting?
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Is he/she the right person for me?
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The teen years can be very turbulent and challenging but they do not need to be at all
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"The Fawoles have been speakers at various Beyond I Do Ministries (BIDM) events over the past 3 years. They are dynamic and their presentations are interactive and fun. They are also open and honest and connect with participants across different backgrounds and age ranges. BIDM has been blessed by them and is always happy to have them back as speakers."
Tunde & Tinu Adediran
Founders, Beyond I Do Ministries
"When I heard the Fawoles talk to us about the differences African parents and their kids have, and tried to bridge the gap between us by their dialogue, I felt a fresh hope for the African community that I haven't felt before. They were able to engage the youth in a discussion like no other speakers could. The discussion with the Fawoles lifted our spirits and gave us some new perspectives to look from. I would most definitely ask them back again and plan on it too! Thanks for an amazing, insightful, and enriching experience! "
Chidi Ukegbu
College Sophomore
"The youth and married couples especially were very receptive during the Fawoles' presentation. A couple of the husbands mentioned that the Fawoles' presentation surpassed their expectation... Our ministry would definitely love to have them back, because the Fawoles' were very transparent and most importantly they encourage us to put Jesus at the center of our lives from being single to being married."
Dr. Brittany Adewoye
Victory Covenant Ministries International
"Dr. Alaba & Tinuke Fawole have been a great blessing to the Woman on Purpose Ministry and the Family Enrichment sessions have been highly rated by our participants. Dr Alaba and his wife, Tinuke are transparent, practical in their delivery and the information disseminated very relatable. This past year, we were fortunate to have a wider range of online participants from many countries outside the US and their session was a "hit", the "talk of the town" for lack of a better word. Couples who were having challenges were able to apply some of the advice they gave to help boost their marriages... Participants stated in their survey that their lives were transformed by the richness of the information shared."
Pastor Bola Adepoju
Woman on Purpose
"Dr. and Mrs. Fawole are a powerful couple sent to bring revelation and strength to marriages and families. As a result of their message of faith and family, marriages have been rekindled and new marriages were formed. We have seen communication between couples increase. The message of love and reconciliation has impacted and is continuing to grow at Truth Ministries International. We are thankful for this partnership for it is truly one that has been created and ordained by God."
Apostle Betty C. and Deacon Quenton Philips
Truth Ministries International
"There are some of the factors that make The Fawoles' seminar presentations unique and remarkable:
1. Their candor and openness about marriage.
2. Their honest responses to the hard questions.
3. Factual but funny slices of life that reinforce faith and revive our hopes.
4. Their successful parenting and grace in passing on the batons.
5. Their humility and Christian dispositions despite their esteemed professions in the medical fields and legal practice.
6. Their steadfastness, time consciousness and punctuality.
7. We have always ended up enlightened, encouraged and motivated as we concluded our seminars with biblical word declarations and prayers"
Agboola Ololade Olojo
Provincial Pastor, Michigan
RCCGNA Region 3, Province 1


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