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Optimum Families

“Optimum Families” is the journey of two college sweethearts who fell in love, got married and had a normal, or should we say, mundane, “Joe and Jane” experience with all the ups and downs of marriage. However, an illness that almost took Tinuke’s life after 8 years of their marriage became a turning point in their lives.

In gratitude to God for saving her life, they ventured outside of themselves and started reaching out to and praying with hurting families. A vision was born and their marriage has never remained the same.

Alaba and Tinuke are a “twosome.” They love people and minister together in God’s vineyard. They are passionate about assisting families thrive and enjoy their relationships and are always eager to share how God transformed their marriage from “Mediocre” to “Heavenly.” Alaba and Tinuke are certified Family Ministries Leaders and are regular speakers on Marriage, Parenting and Relationships and give presentations in churches, schools and different organizations throughout the United States and also in Europe, the Caribbean and Africa.

The Fawoles started a thriving Marriage Enrichment group in the Atlanta area where couples meet monthly to support one another and continually rekindle the “spark” in their relationships.

Alaba is a licensed Dentist and a board-certified Family Physician in the state of Georgia. He is the CEO of Royal Wellness International and Optimum Health & Empowerment Foundation, outfits by which they, along with other organizations conduct International medical mission trips and minister to the health and wellness needs of individuals in indigenous communities.

Tinuke is a Criminal Law and Child Welfare Law attorney, the author of “Master of my Destiny,” and the host of the YouTube channel, “Optimum Families.” She is also a certified life and relationship coach.

The Fawoles are blessed with four wonderful children and have added two more (and counting). It is their strong belief that God has placed all the tools we need to raise children who are balanced and successful in all areas of their lives in the hands of parents. ALL our children can reach God’s highest ideal for them and fulfill the purposes for which they were created and give us peace as they become adults and we grow older (Proverbs 29:17). It is their prayer that you will experience this joy and blessing of parenting in your lives in Jesus’ name. Amen

The Fawoles are known and loved for being very real and practical in their presentations and thereby give hope to their listeners. They facilitate conversations between parents and children and do seminars on bridging the cultural and generational gaps between parents and children.

In their free time, the Fawoles enjoy traveling, entertaining and spending time with family

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